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Tools Surf Team - Jamie-O'Brien - whoisjob Jamie O’Brien “Love the Tools Gear. Stoked to be apart of the team !”
Tools Surf Team - Adam Melling Adam Melling “Been using the grip and accessories for over a year now and it is going great, really loving my grip. Everyone that sees what I have wants one.”
Tools Surf Team - Chelsea Hedges Chelsea Hedges “Tools products are epic! All the products make preparation for surfing so much faster and easier, I love my poncho so much, changing at the beach is now so easy”
shane Shane Campbell “I’m extremely excited to be apart of the tools team as I love and feel confident in their equipment. The reason I know how well their surf gear feels for me is because even before I was sponsored by them, Tools grips and accessories were always first choice and nearly every grip pad that went on my boards was Tools made.”
Luke Stickley Luke Stickley “Great accessories that any man could use.”
Josh Sleep “TOOLS is a real surf hardware. This is IT!!!”
Tools Surf Team - Dave Frim Dave Frim “You would have to be nuts not to get your hands on one of these beauties. Love Tools”
Morgan-Cibilic-FaceShot-1 Morgan Cibilic “Its great to be on the Tools team with riders like JOB. And I love the Tools leashes and pads”
ryan Ryan Slattery “I can’t get enough of the Tools poncho. Warm, comfortable and looks better than your best friends sister.”
face shot - hinata Hinata Aizawa “The leggies and tail pads are really comfortable and the ponchos are awesome.”
tommy Tommy Golsby-Smith “The best grips & leggies I have used. TOOLS is yeew’n!”
jet-Dickinson-faceshot Jett Dickinson  “Tools is awesome! Stoked to be apart of the team.”
lilian Lilliana Bowrey “The wax case is my favorite accessory. My wax stays sand free and it’s always easy to find.”
face shot - landem Landen Smales “I love my tools products they help me rip. My Jamie OB tail pad is sick. So thankful & stoked to part of such a great team.”