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Jamie O’Brien – J.O.B. SIGNATURE MODEL 2015

Jamie O’Brien – J.O.B. SIGNATURE MODEL 2015

$59.99 $41.99 incl. tax

Jamie O’Brien Signature Pad – perfect density and a supreme cut to give maximum grip to suit JAMIE’s unique surfing style

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  • Description

    Product Description

    The Tools designers have been working very closely with Jamie to create a signature pad with perfect density and a supreme cut to give maximum grip to suit JAMIE’s unique surfing style.
    We’ve added 3mm of extra kick to the three piece pad, with straight cut features and a pulled in JOB Diamond Tail to eliminate drag.
    The Art concept reflects the notion of hit the button and go or in Jamie’s case, plant the back foot and launch.



    • 3 piece pad design
    • Centre arch 5.5mm
    • Tail kick 33mm
    • Size 290mm x 305mm
    • 3M Adhesive
    • Mt Fuji Lock Square pattern

    NEW Mt FUJI LOCK: A new tread pattern with raised peaks (just like Mt fuji !).
    Fuji Lock gives maximum grip for when you need it most!
    Tools Original Designed Groove


  • Additional Information

    Additional Information


    JOB10A: Blue-Gray, JOB10B: Blue-Gray, JOB10C: Blue-Gray, JOB1A: Black-White, JOB1B: Black-White, JOB2A: Black-Gray, JOB2B: Black-Gray, JOB3A: Green, JOB3B: Green, JOB3C: Green, JOB4A: Maroon-Blue, JOB4B: Maroon-Blue, JOB4C: Maroon-Blue, JOB5A: Brown-Olive, JOB5B: Brown-Olive, JOB5C: Brown-Olive, JOB6A: Purple-Yellow, JOB6B: Purple-Yellow, JOB6C: Purple-Yellow, JOB6D: Purple-Yellow, JOB7A: Light Green-Navy, JOB7B: Light Green-Navy, JOB7C: Light Green-Navy, JOB8A: Red-Yellow, JOB8B: Red-Yellow, JOB8C: Red-Yellow, JOB9A: Navy-Black, JOB9B: Navy-Black, JOB9C: Navy-Black

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