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Surfing will be in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

It’s Official!!! Surfing will be in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics ♨ This is a game-changing moment for the sport of Surfing. Congrats to @isasurfing for all the hard work. Exciting … Read more

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Tools Ponchos

Introducing a new Deluxe Microfiber Tools Poncho. Quick Dry & Super Absorbent Fabric Super warm & Comfy Perfect for your epic winter surfing sessions. Online now

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2000km sales run

Thank you everyone for the support. 2000km sales run from Byron HQ to South Coast NSW is done and dusted. @ToolsSurfAustralia launched in Australia in 2008. At that time, no … Read more

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Dark Horse Ryan Slattery

Ryan Slattery is a winner of Surfest Newcastle Pro Junior Trials, that was held over the weekend in 4ft chunky waves. He is able to surf crazy big stuffs in Pipeline … Read more

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Jamie O’Brien Gets Barrel Of The Year

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times this week; Pipeline has been out of this world, the Volcom Pipe Pro was possibly the best, most consistent … Read more

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TOOLS ambassador Melling & JOB at the Billabong Pipe Masters 2015

Jamie O’Brien greets houseguest Adriano de Souza on the beach after his World Title victory. Jamie O’Brien swept the field at the Men’s Pipe Invitational to earn wildcard spots in … Read more

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Hinata having a blast in Japan.

Super Kids Session in Shounan Japan, hitting a Typhoon, by Colors Magazine 【台風21号からの西高東低】VISSLA & RASH国際的スーパーキッズサーファー・セッション by colorsmag yoge Check out the article here:

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